Welcome to Deliver1.org

Building Partnerships with Fire Agencies around the Bay Area

Our Staff & Volunteers

Our staff of volunteers are active & retired firefighters and high school students from Marin and the East Bay. We have partnered with numerous high schools as well as businesses throughout the Bay Area to build a delivery model that makes an  impact. By giving time and creating partnerships, we choose to live by the "4-in-24 hour" approach. We want to impact a person's life for 4 hours by providing them a few snacks and a meal, dry socks and other seasonal clothing items, hygiene kits for men and women, and a warm coat or sweatshirt. We empower folks by giving them information about how to access mental health care assistance and shelter services available in the area. 

Our Mission

Homelessness brings a sense of loneliness that erodes the core of a person’s self worth. As career firefighters, we are reminded of this every day. Our daily interactions with homeless people over the last 30-plus years have shown us a massive increase in those needing our assistance. We choose helping over judging, and doing over talking. When you are homeless, a simple smile and a word of kindness or encouragement makes a big difference. 

Our organization is seeking partnerships to maximize distribution of Deliver1.org  care bags via Fire Engines throughout the Greater Bay Area. 

Our Purpose

Our goal is to build alliances with Bay Area fire agencies and involve our community's youth to optimize a better outcome for the people that are homeless in the Greater Bay Area. Deliver1.org aims to make a positive imprint on someone's life each and every day.

We want to increase distribution of our pre-filled Deliver1.org care bags to the general public via our website and through community outreach. Our long term goal is to make it easier for people to connect with and help the homeless they come in contact with (at stop signs, sidewalks, parks, and other  daily circumstances). We want to redefine the distribution model, giving all citizens personal agency and  empowering them with the ability to impact the homeless crisis when opportunity presents itself. Every person can make a positive impact and feel capable to be part of the solution, and we are here at deliver1.org to help make that reality come true.


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